#smwTalk10 Bitcoins, healthcare, journalism, cryptoparty, leadership and PR

_DSC3990In the latest show Dora and Rico discuss health care and social media, dream of becoming a bitcoin millionaire, ask if journalists can still protect sources in the time of PRISM, learn what a dragonboat race has to do with leadership and welcome one of berlin’s greatest pr experts.

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Sebastian HaselbeckCoLabKick-off “Healthcare and the Internet” – WorkshopQuantified Self

Radoslav Albrechtbitcoins21Bitcoin.org

Dora Osinde arrives – her panel: Social Media for Startups – Getting started! – Workshop

Hauke GierowJournalism under surveillance – what can be done?Dealing with surveillance. Possible?

pgpVerfassungsschutzSECURITY IN-A-BOXOff-the-RecordCRYPTOPARTY – Journalism-theme#smwTalk09 change.org, algorithm ethics, cryptoparty, Slim Amamou

Dora speaks to Linsey Fryatt

Dora talks to Lisa Lang#smwTalk05 with Ricardo from ARTCONNECT BerlinHow to win a dragon-boat race or 10 lessons in leadership

in the next show we will welcome Joel DullroyRadio SpätkaufOfficial SMW Berlin closing party!

Download the mp3 listen on iTunes or find the other episodes

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