#smwTalk08 Tweet for @sweden, end of privacy, freedom for freelancers and

Podcast_MSPROIn our new show Dora and Rico speak with Frida Roberts from @sweden, Michael Seemann about the end of privacy, and many more.

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Introduction: Rico ValtinDora Osinde

@sweden: Frida Roberts @swedenSwedisch Institute

End of anonymity?: Michael SeemannDie Grenzen des Öffentlichen: Gibt es ein Recht auf Anonymität in der Öffentlichkeit? – video: the man with the blue shirt#smwTalk06 mit Lorena Jaume-Palasí: Thank you Mr. Snowden

Jobs day: Mona SzyperskiFlexBaseRecruiting Day„Verwöhnte Mitarbeiter – Generation(Y)?FlexBase Networking LunchMobile RecruitingSocial Media statt LebenslaufStrategies & Best Practices in international recruitingFlexBase CV ClinicJobs FairImmobilienScout24 Business Venue – #smwTalk 02 Jobs & Generation Y mit Mona von FlexBase

Social Engineering: Johanna Brewerfrestyl Social Engineering for Everyday (Startup) Life

Freelancers rights: Joel DullroyFreelancers’ and Interns’ Rights – building a movementVGSDFreelancers Movement

Download the mp3, listen on iTunes or find the other episodes

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